Perspectives on Art – A

As an artist, I struggle to communicate my criticism of society and individuals through forms that are yet comprehensible to those I would critique.  Or perhaps not.  Instead, I may choose to create something incomprehensible.

I may hide my message in an otherwise harmless seeming image or sound — as though it were a simple portrait or a beautiful ballad.  You must look closely or listen carefully to detect the discontinuities.

I may create an overt, blatant, even distorted image, a Soft Construction with Baked Beans or Guernica.

I may juxtapose incongruent images, sounds or textures.

The work may be entirely abstract.

The question becomes for me – have I created something that will create a question in your mind?  That will cause you to reconsider your assumptions, your definitions of truth, of the absolute?  To better seek the meanings of events and relationships?  To become more whole?

This is one in a series of posts describing different perspectives on art.

January 25th, 2010 by