Dual purpose body scan

The federal government is always looking for opportunities for efficiency and effectiveness.  In a discussion over the holidays, a suggestion was raised that, should it be implemented, could address simultaneously at least two major problems facing our nation in this difficult time.

The proposal is to combine full body scanning at airport entry points with leading edge medical technology to provide all of those who fly with up-to-date diagnostic or preventative health information.  So we could address two problems at once: (1) ensuring the safety of air travel, and (2) reducing the cost of health care.  Why, just think of the savings to Medicare with all of the snowbirds being scanned for free!

It is this kind of innovative, out of the box thinking, that is going to save us from the looming debt crisis.  Let’s look for more opportunities like this.  (BTW – the next word in the Online Merriam-Webster Dictionary as of today is “loon”!)

December 26th, 2010 by