A Divided Nation?

A beginning of a series.

We have hard choices to make.   There are issues that affect all of us.  The economy, health-care, energy, education, defense — to name a few.  For all of these, there are strong disagreements on how to proceed.  What there should not be any disagreement about is that all of these issues are intertwined.  And, because this is the case, any sustainable solutions will have to be crafted from multiple perspectives.  It is highly likely that all of us will have to make some sacrifices in order for us to succeed.  Right now, at this immediate point in time, it feels as though so many are only pursuing their self-interest — in a most cynical reading of the pursuit of happiness.  On the other hand, others are demanding that individuals sacrifice their rights in the public interest – especially in a dangerous “Post 9/11” world. At some point, a balance again must be achieved between the individual and the people.  But the word balance here is key — individuals need to be accountable for the harm they may do to others but we can’t allow the crowd to trample the individual either. 

So, a small first step.  Each of us should consider the effect our decisions have not just on ourselves, but also on our family, our friends, our community and our nation.

April 30th, 2012 by