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June 14th, 2017 by admin

In testimony before the Senate Intelligence committee, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III proved once again that the current administration is fully stocked with members of the “all about me” generation. After an opening statement that seemed to point to something higher – citing long service to the country, his testimony quickly descended into aggressive paranoia as questions were deflected as personal attacks, which they were not, as opposed to truth-seeking, which they were. This reflexive defensiveness made him seem as though he was trying to hide something, when a more cooperative approach surely would have built more credibility for his proclaimed ignorance. In an administration full of sour old men, AG Sessions seemed particularly so at this hearing.

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June 24th, 2009 by mch

The recent fatal collision on Metrorail near Fort Totten (Washington, DC) highlights an ongoing problem.  Given a choice between improving deteriorating, overwhelmed infrastructure and indulging ourselves, we have been choosing the latter.  We would rather build trophy stadiums for the toy teams of the wealthy than maintain safe transportation for the public.  However, this malady is not limited to this specific situation.  We see these same bad choices affecting us in every aspect of our lives – from the severe challenges faced by American industry to the collapse of investment banking; and at the individual level, the sacrifice of prosperity for fool’s gold.  It is time, at least in government focus, to emphasize the long term over the short term, and to serve the greatest good instead of the special interest.

– mch

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